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    Prototype Groupset 11spd


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    Prototype Groupset 11spd

    Post by marlboroicemint on Sun May 27, 2012 11:44 am

    Cuma copas dari www.bikerumour.com

    SRAM will be releasing a new 1×11 system for endurance racers called SRAM XX1.

    Built around a single chainring in the front, it gets a new “widest available range” cassette and will incorporate their Type 2 chain management. The rear is 11 speed, they’re noting it’ll work with both trigger and Grip Shift. The system will officially debut at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes on July 9-15.

    Details are a scant at the moment, but there are a few things we can tell from the photos. First, that’s definitely a prototype rear derailleur, and the crank arm is two-piece rather than XX’s one piece. If we were betting folk, we’d say the final version might very well be a one-piece crank/spider given that it’s at the XX level. If so, and if it is designed around carrying a single ring, could drop a minimum of 30-40g off the existing set up just at the crankset.

    UPDATE: Yep, it’s 11 speeds (better image of cassette added below), which should make it a good fit for the 2013 DT Swiss wheel and hub range, which all move to an 11-speed spacing. (Thanks to everyone that caught that!)

    That weight would likely be made up with the addition of the Type 2 clutch mechanism on the rear derailleur, but, if that system negates the need for a front chain guide, the drivetrain ends up being about the same weight…save for maybe a few grams from the monstrously larger big cog on the cassette…

    Count ‘em: SRAM cranks it up to 11! And as suspected, it mounts up just fine (apparently) to Mavic’s wider freehub body.

    UPDATE: If we’re all counting correctly, it’s a 10-42 cassette. No lock ring is visible on the smallest cog, which indicates it is the lock ring. Also looks like the derailleur is bolted onto a direct mount-like “B-Link”. Notice how the cable enters on the inside and appears to come out the outside, making for a potentially interesting pull direction, especially with the parallelograms looking almost parallel to the cogs.


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